2839 White Bear Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55109, United States

(651) 748-1185

Costumes Plus

Family owned and operated since 1994


Our Story

Costumes Plus is a one of a kind store - an independent local business open year round.

We  opened in Maplewood in 1995 under the name Halloween Express. In 2014  we left the franchise and became "Costumes Plus". A name we chose to  quickly convey the fact that we have MUCH more than just costumes.

Our  goal has always been to be a unique and fun shop to visit. We even had  our own haunted house in the Maplewood Mall, set up from scratch with  hand made props and mannequins.

In  2008, we were able to find our permanent location where we are located  today, still in Maplewood, and just a couple blocks from the Maplewood  Mall where we started. 

With this new space we were able to expand our selection of merchandise. This includes our now huge selection of masquerade  masks, our professional quality makeup and special FX, high quality  wigs, gift shop, and our Lingerie Boutique. 

Thanks  to hard work, our dedicated staff, and our amazing customers we now  proudly carry the largest selection of costumes and costume accessories  in the Twin Cities.


Our Customers

Since we started staying open all year, we've seen a much wider variety of customers and needs that have helped shape what we are and what we offer today.

Including but definitely not limited to:

Horror/Halloween Fans

Party Goers




Parents of dress up loving kids

Makeup Artists



Drag Queens and Kings

Entertainers, Performers, and Enthusiasts of all kinds!


Why We're Different

By shopping at Costumes Plus you are supporting family owned local business, and the local economy!

Shopping  locally has a profound effect on a city's economy: 68 cents of every  dollar spent locally stays here; 43 cents of every dollar spent at big  box chain stores stays here, and zero cents of any dollar spent online  at a business with no physical presence in the state stays here.

We  have learned how to do what we do very well. Most of our outstanding  staff have been with us for many  years, which we hope provides our  customers with knowledgeable and consistent service.

We strive to be knowledgeable about our products so we can offer sound advice.

We have long established relationships with our suppliers, their representatives, and our customers.

We work hard to carry a wide variety of products to accommodate every budget.